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Eggs are an extremely delicate object, their insides are protected with only a thin shell. When compressed vertically they tend to be resistant, but the slightest impact to their sides will automatically crack them. Therefore, uncontrolled movement of the egg within a container could result in breakage.


Sending a package containing a delicate object without breaking it through a careless postal service is a challenge. In transit, the packaging might tumble, be stacked under heavy items, dropped, and stored in any orientation.


The design of the packaging should consider holding the egg still, muffle impacts received, be usable, understandable, and give the user a pleasurable experience. It also has to be stackable to comply with postal service regulations.

Materials used should also consider life cycle of package; paper and cardboard are chosen for the design due to easy recycling.


The user will be any individual looking to mail a raw egg. Packaging will be available as a template online to be manufactured at home or bought unfolded with instructions of assembly.


Materials used can be found in most households making it easy to make. The packaging should be easy to assemble, lightweight, compact, portable, and deliver the object intact.


The recipient should be able to open the package intuitively by reading its signifiers, affordances and constraints whilst having a pleasurable experience with all their senses.

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