Seems like convenience is the way to go nowadays. We live fast paced lives with busy schedules that don’t leave time for much else. There is a growing concern over health and fitness and the usage of nutritional supplements.

Nutrition programs are known for being precise: specific quantities at specific times which also means prep time before heading out the door every morning. Depending on your dietary plan you might have more than one serving a day. For this reason, users of powdered nutritional supplements need a place to store multiple servings while on the go.

The proposal is to design a storage system that allows for an intuitive prep, store, and transport of nutritional shakes.

There is an undeniable need to keep powder supplements separate from liquids due to health concerns. These supplements usually contain ingredients that break down, a process that begins when mixed with a liquid and could be slowed down by refrigerating the mix or keeping it in an insulated container.

Unrefrigerated on a plastic bottle (most widely used), the mix could last for around 2 hours. A dead giveaway that the shake is spoiled is a foul smell that regular users know well. However, the smell is only the last step in the decomposition process. These shakes are designed to be mixed up and consumed fairly quickly.

In order to ensure freshness, the product being designed separates both elements, powder and liquid, and proposes a no-mess no-fuss mechanism to mix the two.

The problem of spilling the powdered product was identified at the early stage of measuring it. So more than the bottle itself, a new proposal was created to implement a trend where powdered nutritional supplements are sold in compressed tabs, each tab being a serving size.

The possibilities are now endless and stretch to an even wider public, with compressed powder tabs available in powdered nutritional supplements, meal replacement and even medication.


With this new trend in mind, the bottle was designed with a cavity to hold the compressed powder tabs isolated from contact with liquid in an organic and ergonomic shape.

When the tabs are not necessary, the storage compartment and sleeve can be removed and the bottle can be used solely to carry liquids.




Final Project for the Master's Degree in Industrial Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design

*Not sanctioned or commissioned by Under Armour

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