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Google approached a team of 18 SCAD students and two faculty members of various disciplines brought together by SCADpro.


SCADpro exists to generate design solutions for the world's most influential brands. SCADpro is an innovation studio that combines the brainpower of top students, alumni and professors to answer big business's biggest creative challenges.

From SCADpro's sponsored projects, to long-term support of alumni entrepreneurial efforts through SCAD+, to extended executive education, SCADpro promotes authentic real-world collaborations between working professionals and the SCAD community.

Google asked us to reimagine the Google Maps Android app experience for a young global audience.


We decided to frame our design prompt as follows:

What would Google Maps look like if it was designed from the ground-up specifically for mobile youth's (target ages 8-24) behaviours, needs and aspirations?

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